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Island Tropics Complete - Desktop

Island Tropics Complete - Desktop

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Lightroom Photo presets personally made by Phil, inspired through his adventures across the Hawaiian islands. 

Inside this this preset pack you will find 30x Desktop Presets!

His signature style infuses vibrant and lively color palettes into his photos, ensuring they embody the aesthetic he passionately embraces and empowering you to achieve a similar look.

This collection features filters curated specifically for vibrant, sun-soaked beachscapes, mesmerizing sunset palettes, and evocative, atmospheric greens. With its diverse range, this set ensures an extensive selection of presets tailored to complement nearly any photograph.

Create stunning edits to your photos in seconds with these presets. 

  • Sunset, sunrise, moody atmosphere, Bright beach days
  • Instant download, lifetime use
  • No editing experience is necessary 

Please note that while these presets serve as a great starting point, they might not instantly match your desired aesthetic. You may find it beneficial to make further adjustments such as tweaking brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. Personally, I fine-tune my photos even after applying a base preset, considering the diverse lighting conditions I encounter while shooting.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me! or Instagram @Phillip3s

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